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Future IPM 3.0

The largest international event on “sustainable crop production and protection”

Future IPM 3.0

The main challenges for agriculture worldwide are sustainable production and the reduction of risks and impacts of pesticide use on human health and the environment. These challenges can be met through integrated pest management (IPM) and the use of alternative approaches and techniques.
All stakeholders, including citizens, are expecting production systems to become more sustainable, while supplying healthier and safer food and protecting the environment and its biodiversity.
Research on low-risk substances and bio-pesticides as well as on other nonchemical alternatives is progressing rapidly and farmers will have increased access to innovative tools in plant protection and production.

The international conference on “Future Integrated Pest Management” will be not a mere scientific congress, but it will combine a list of events to share scientific, technical and market knowledge on the major pillars of sustainable crop production.

The plenary session ‘FutureIPM 3.0 towards a sustainable agriculture’ will gather the most renowned experts worldwide on three relevant subjects: the role of policies and trends in sustainable integrated management in agriculture, the most advanced tools and innovation in crop protection and production, and the challenges that sustainable integrated production in agriculture will face and how to address them.

Parallel workshops will focus on three hot topics of IPM:

  • Induced resistance in plants: the contribution of science to an effective field application
  • Novel tools and new challenges for IPM in viticulture
  • Preserving soil quality and health for the future generations
16.10.2017 bis 20.10.2017
08:00 - 20:00
Riva del Garda, Italien

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